Voices of the Next Generations

Next generations of former prisoners of the Sachsenhausen concentration camp tell their stories

Jan Lemaire: Men in Zebra

Descandants read from grandfather’s book “Men in Zebra” at the memorial site of the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

From early 1942 until 1945 our grandfather Jan Lemaire was imprisoned in Sachsenhausen. On the 7 May 1945, after the Death March, Jan was liberated at Schwerin. He wrote his book in two weeks without any chapters. When we were 15, our grandmother gave us his book, remarking: “If you feel old enough you should do something with it.” And now we are here.

The Family Lemaire reading from their relatives Book
Photo: Ruthe Zuntz
The Family Lemaire discussing with a man their grand and great grand fathers book.
Photo: Ruthe Zuntz


Lotus Lemaire
Milo Lemaire
Mischa Lemaire
Stefan Lemaire