Voices of the Next Generations

Next generations of former prisoners of the Sachsenhausen concentration camp tell their stories


Stefan and Mischa Lemaire were present during the opening of the exhibition Young Interventions 20-22 in the Memorial Sachsenhausen on a special day: 116 years ago their Grandfather Jan Lemaire Jr. was born on November 19.

Amelie Reichmuth’s thoughts about the trial against the former SS guard at Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

On November 9th, the collective Voices of the Next Generations organised “Europe remembers”, the first paneuropean remembrance action to commemorate the November pogroms.

Invitation to an international exchange for descednatns of former prisoners at the Sachsenhauen Memorial and Haus Szcypiorski, September 15th – 18st, 2022

Louts and Mischa Lemaire talk about visiting the 77th anniversay of the Liberation of Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

I visited Sachsenhausen for the first time during our autumn seminar, only a few months after my Grand-Dad Klaus had passed away…

Why we are here

In October 2021 around 20 descendants of former Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp prisoners started the project Voices of the next generations. This website provides a platform for personal, historical and artistic reflections on the ongoing effects of persecution and murder at National Socialism. All the descendants of former Sachsenhausen concentration camp prisoners are invited to share their voices, to discuss how history continues to influence societies today and to shape the future of remembrance. What is your story? [ more ]