Voices of the Next Generations

Next generations of former prisoners of the Sachsenhausen concentration camp tell their stories

About us

In October 2021 around 20 people attended the symposium “Next Generation in Dialogue: the Future of Remembrance” at the Sachsenhausen Memorial. They came from different countries, backgrounds, and spoke more than 6 languages. The only thing that united them were the histories of their grandparents and great grandparents, all former prisoners of Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp.  

The exchange of experiences made the attendees realize that Sachsenhausen not only had a very special meaning for the families for everyone involved, but also what effects the events had on the next generations. That is why, in cooperation with the Memorial, they decided to launch a project about the experiences and relations with imprisoned and persecuted ancestors, as well as with historical remembrance as a whole.

Often the descendants of the victims of Concentration Camps have had their perspectives gone unheard. To find the next generations voices and to become ambassadors of remembrance is the goal of this project. The website provides a platform for all the descendants of Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp survivors and deceased. It invites them to share their voices and make them noticed by a larger public.

Why we are here

Collage of Photos from left to right. Two participants reading the wall of an Exhibit at Sachsenhausen memorial. Three participants sitting in a seminar room. An employee of the Sachsenhausen memorial Depot shows a set of German Military clothes to a participant
Photo: Ruthe Zuntz