Voices of the Next Generations

Next generations of former prisoners of the Sachsenhausen concentration camp tell their stories

Voices of the Next Generations 2022

Invitation to an international exchange for descendants of former prisoners at the Sachsenhauen Memorial and Haus Szczypiorski, September 15th – 18st, 2022

The Sachsenhausen Memorial and Museum invites descendants of former prisoners of
Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp and its satellite camps to exchange experiences and network
with other descendants.

During the exchange, personal experiences in dealing with their own family history can be shared.
What impact does the Nazi persecution of parents, grandparents or great-grandparents have on
life in the present? There is the possibility to get to know the Sachsenhausen memorial and to
visit the archive. 

We also want to discuss the present and future of remembrance and ask what special meaning it
has for the descendants of younger generations. How do you want to remember and where do
you see your role in the culture of remembrance?

Creative workshops encourage to tell your own stories and to think about innovative forms of
commemoration at the historical site. The results can be shared with the public.

We also want to get into conversation with other active people in remembrance work about
dealing with Nazi history as family history. During previous events with descendants of former
prisoners, the website www.voices-of-the-next-generations.org has been created. Here,
descendants share their perspectives on the memory of the victims of Sachsenhausen
concentration camp.

Photo: Ruthe Zunz

We would like to build on this together and develop the project further.
All interested descendants of former prisoners of Sachsenhausen concentration camp and its
satellite camps from different countries are invited to participate. We would like to encourage
younger descendants in particular to contribute their perspectives. It is not a prerequisite for
participation that you have already dealt in depth with your own family history.

The meeting will take place from 15 to 18 September 2022 at the Sachsenhausen Memorial and
Arrival is already possible on 14 September. Accommodation in double rooms and
meals will be provided at the International Youth Meeting Centre Sachsenhausen Haus
Szczypiorski in Oranienburg. Travel costs can be partially reimbursed.

The language of the meeting is English. As it is an international meeting with many different first
languages, we try to support each other with language challenges and find language tandems if

We welcome registrations for the International Symposium for Descendants by 20 August at nextgeneration@gedenkstaette-sachsenhausen.de. Places are limited. Further coordination, information and the programme will follow after registration.   


E-Mail nextgeneration@gedenkstaette-sachsenhausen.de